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The software SWAN (Slotted Waveguide ANtennas analysis and design) is a powerful CAD tool for the design and analysis of very large slotted waveguide arrays with a wide range of capabilities: fixed or scanning beam, very low side lobe patterns, shaped beams such as cosecant or flat top patterns, etc. SWAN is based on a rigorous wide-band circuit representation of the complete array, taking into account mutual couplings between slots by means of the active impedance concept. This tool is very fast, as it makes use of a rigorous circuit representation of the single slot obtained with an accurate full-wave analysis capable of accounting for a number of details that affect the antenna performance, such as the waveguide wall thickness, the rounded edges of the slot and the presence of a dielectric layer over the slot. High accuracy is offered at the same time by rigorously taking into account internal and external mutual couplings and their dependence on frequency and scanning angle as well as dielectric and metal losses. The software is very flexible, as it allows for customizable waveguide dimensions, dielectric filling of the waveguides, many different feeding configurations, beam scanning optimizations and weighted aperture synthesis, among other capabilities.

For more information visit http://www.swan-soft.com

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