CST – Computer Simulation Technology

3rd European User Group Meeting Technical Sessions

Session 1 – Solvers Overview

  1. New features in the CST MWS Solvers - Munteanu, I. (CST AG)
  2. CST MWS integral equation solver overview - Eberhard, J. (CST AG) 
  3. Solver Comparison: Time-Domain vs Frequency Domain - Demming-Jansen, F. (CST AG)
  4. CST EM STUDIO®: New features and application examples - Leroux, E. (CST AG), Canova, A. (Politecnico di Torino) 

Session 2 – VBA

  1. Introduction in VBA macro usage and programming - Balk, M. (CST AG)  
  2. General Parameter Sweep: A Useful Macro - Bilik, V. (S-TEAM Lab, Bratislava, Slovakia)  
  3. Ways to perform electromagnetic simulation of very inhomogeneous media with CST MWS - Leroy, O. (Laboratoire de Physique des Gaz et des Plasmas Université Paris-Sud ORSAY, FRANCE) 
  4. A Versatile 3D Field Simulation of a GPR Setup - Teggatz, A. (Otto-von-Guericke-University of Magdeburg)   
  5. Extending the capabilities of CST MWS’s inbuilt result templates to aid cavity optimisation - Lingwood, C. (Lancaster University)  

Session 3 – EMC

  1. Analysis of the RF emission from differential busses - Worm, S.B. (Philips Applied Technologies / EMC)   
  2. Charged board model ESD simulation for printed wiring boards - Tarvainen, T. (Esju Oy, Oulu, Finland)  
  3. Aspects of modeling a GTEM cell using CST - Thye, H. (Leibniz Universität Hanover)  
  4. PCB simulation with attached cables - Tröscher, M. (SimLab Software GmbH)  
  5. Induced Currents due to Nearby Lightning Strike to a Mobile Radar System: an Hybrid 3D/circuit Analysis - Orlandi, A. (UAq EMC Laboratory, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, University of L’Aquila, L’Aquila, Italy), Leroux, E. (CST AG) 

Session 4 – Charged Particle Simulation

  1. Electric and magnetic fi eld calculations for a Time Projection Chamber Prototype with CST EMStudio - Schade, P. (DESY FLC TPC group) 
  2. ALBA storage ring cavities - Langlois, M.  
  3. RF Simulations with CST MWS at ACCEL - Schulz, C. (ACCEL) 

Session 5 – Mobile Communications

  1. Use of EM simulation tools for predicting the performance of mobile phone antennas - Sotoudeh, O.
  2. Design and Optimisation of a Planar UWB Antenna with Frequency Band-Notch Function - Visser, H.J (TNO).   
  3. Assessment of occupational exposure of MRI workers resulting from a time-varying magnetic fi eld associated with a cylindrical z-gradient coil - Li, Y. (Imaging Sciences Dept., Faculty of Medicine, Hammersmith Campus, Imperial College London) 
  4. SAR - Wittig, T. (CST AG)  

Session 6 – Signal Integrity

  1. Simulation of a large IBM package - Bender Perotoni, M. (CST AG) 
  2. Full Wave Characterization of a Small Quad Flat Package for High-Speed Serial Interface Application - Kakerow, R. (Nokia Research Center, Bochum), Munteanu, I. (CST AG) 
  3. Modeling of Connector to PCB Interfaces - Gneiting, T. (AdMOS GmbH)  
  4. CST STUDIO SUITE™ 2008: EDA interface - Sassi, L. (CST AG)   

Session 7 – Antennas and RFIDs

  1. Introduction into RFID development based on numerical simulations - Ramsch, G. (Checkpoint)   
  2. RFID System Read Range in Automotive Assembly Lines - Iliev, S. (DaimlerChrysler Group Research and Advanced Engineering)   
  3. A near field simulation on a UHF RFID reader problem - Doodeman, G.J.N. (TNO)   
  4. Benefits of Complete Technology for RFID applications - Wittig, T. (CST AG) 

Session 8 – Filter

  1. Application of CST Microwave Studio for the Development of Mobile Communication Infrastructure RF Filters - Rathgeber, R. (KATHREIN-Werke KG, Rosenheim, Germany)  
  2. Design and Realization of Microwave Lowpass Filters using Radial Line Stubs - Saglam, M.
  3. Cross-Coupled Filter Synthesis - Wild, M. (CoupleFil.com)  
  4. Filter Tuning Techniques - Hirtenfelder, F. (CST AG)   

Session 9 - Performance

  1. Performance Aspects - Timm, M. (CST AG)   
  2. Hardware based Performance Optimization - Senega, T. (CST AG)
  3. Complex Simulations in Minutes: The Present and Future of Hardware Acceleration for CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® - Dewis, A. (acceleware)   
  4. Performance optimizations on Intel® platforms - Brücher, B. (intel) 
  5. Multi-objective optimization for electronic devices - Poian, M. (ESTECO)  

Session 10 - Coupled Simulations

  1. EM/Circuit cosimulation: AWR Microwave Office and CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® - Wallace, A. (AWR)  
  2. EM Circuit Co-Simulation with CST DESIGN STUDIO™ - Becker, U. (CST AG)  
  3. Simulation of a Dual-Polarized Patch Antenna with CST Microwave Studio® - Hirtenfelder, F. (CST AG), Biedermann, T. (KATHREIN-Werke KG Rosenheim, Germany)    
  4. EM Thermal Co-Simulation - Becker, U. (CST AG)  


  1. Use of High Permittivity Dielectric (Ceramic) in Small Antenna Design - Arslan, R. (Chalmers University of Technology, Antenna Research Group)
  2. An Analysis of Metamaterial Unit-Cells - Bandlow, B. (Universität Paderborn, Theoretische Elektrotechnik)  
  3. Design and Tuning Coupled-Resonator Filters with group delay approach - Denti, D. (esa) 
  4. Sub-mm Wave Free-Standing Frequency Selective Surfaces - Dickie, R. (Queen’s University Belfast)
  5. Analysis of Metamaterials using Transmission Line Models - Fu, L. (Universität Stuttgart)  
  6. Simulation of negative refractive index materials - Gerken, N. (Universität Hamburg)
  7. Thickness dependence of the optical properties of splitring resonator metamaterials - Guo, H. (Universität Stuttgart)
  8. Design of Special Primary Feeds and Antenna Systems - Hazdra, P. (Czech Technical University in Prague)
  9. Planar antennas on Electromagnetic Band Gap substrates - Horak, J. (Brno University of Technology)
  10. Progress and problems in the simulation of multichannel transmit array properties - Kozlov, M. (Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences)
  11. Array Simulation and Measurement of Different Patch Antenna Types - Kuharajasekaram, J. (BFH)
  12. Electromagnetic resonances in single and double splitring resonator metamaterials in the near infrared spectral region - Liu, N. (University of Stuttgart)
  13. Extraordinary Transmission Metamaterial - Navarro-Cía, M. (Millimeter Wave Laboratory, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Dept., UPNa. Campus Arrosadia, Spain.)
  14. Aufbau-, Verbindungstechnik - EMV - Palm, S. (Robert Bosch GmbH)  
  15. Studying Magnetic Loop Antennas by MWS - Schmidt, M. (University of Applied Sciences Jena)
  16. X-Band Squintless Horn Antenna Array - Steyn, W. (Reutech Radar Systems)   
  17. Simulation of a 4-Quadrant Slot Antenna and a Coaxial-to-CPW Interconnect - Talukder, P. (Ferdinand-Braun-Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik)   
  18. A technique for designing constant bandwidth fi lters with the aid of CST MW studio - Valenti, D. (Com-Tech) 
  19. Cylindrical high impedance structure based on widthmodulated microstrip line - Vietti, G. (Politecnico di Torino)
  20. Analysis of Multilayered Meander-Line Polarizer for Arbitrary Linear Polarization - Vietti, G. (Politecnico di Torino)
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