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Antenna Magus Overview


Whether starting with a new design or updating an existing system, most antenna engineers will start with an antenna element that is well known. Antenna Magus makes it easy to explore alternative options. Read more


When designing an antenna for the first time, there are some elementary steps that need to be completed before continuing with the distinctive (non-standard) part of the design process. Read more


Antenna Magus' export functionality allows more time to be spent on antenna design and less time on mastering simulation software. Read more


Knowledge management system

Efficient information management affects the bottom line of all companies, because it gives employees access to knowledge that has already been developed. Read more


Antenna Magus' is more than just a database of antennas. It is also a toolbox for antenna engineers, full of useful utilities that can be used to simplify everyday antenna tasks.

  1. Array Synthesis
  2. Chart tracing tool
  3. Libraries


These movies give an introduction to Antenna Magus by illustrating some of the useful features in Antenna Magus like choosing the right antenna, designing and exporting to CST MWS.

Introduction to Antenna Magus

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