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Low Frequency Time-Domain Solver (LT)

The low frequency time domain solver (LT) can be used to carry out electromagnetic time domain simulations where the magneto-quasi-static (MQS) approximation is applicable.

Arbitrarily time-varying excitation signals (user-defined, pulse, exponential), eddy current effects (skin effect, proximity effects) and non-linear magnetic materials can be modeled in the simulation.


Magnetic Field vector plot at an instant in time         

Also supported is the EM-circuit co-simulation of external circuits. Power electronic devices, sensors, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), transmission and distribution applications can be simulated with this module.

Source types include current and voltage coils, current and voltage paths and permanent magnets. Monitors can be defined to deliver force and torque, flux, energy, losses, current density and magnetic field data as a function of time. State-of-the-art adaptive-time stepping (Runge-Kutta) algorithms increase the LT solver’s efficiency.

Time-variance of force components on one of the conductors
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