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CST MICROWAVE STUDIO – Providing Complete Technology for High Frequency 3D EM Field Simulation

CST MICROWAVE STUDIO ® (CST MWS) offers customers the choice of multiple powerful solver modules. In addition to its market and technology leading time domain solver featuring the PERFECT BOUNDARY APPROXIMATION (PBA)®, CST MWS also included modules based on numerous different methods including finite element method (FEM), method of moments (MoM), multilevel fast multipole method (MLFMM) and shooting boundary ray (SBR), each offering distinct advantages in their own domains.

In our Complete Technology for 3D EM simulation approach, the seamless integration of the solvers into one user interface enables the easy selection of the most appropriate solver for a given problem class, delivering improved simulation performance and unprecedented simulation reliability through cross verification.

Electrically large problems can often only be tackled with efficient integral method such as MLFMM.
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