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Recommended Hardware

EM simulations can be classified as high performance computing tasks. This means that computers used for CST applications should meet high requirements in terms of CPU, RAM, and graphical performance. Sufficient power supply and cooling also have to be ensured for the workstation. Thus, we strongly recommend buying a complete package from a brandname manufacturer, e.g. DELL, HP, or IBM.

We strongly recommend that the chosen hardware meets the following requirements. For a workstation/server without special acceleration features (i.e., GPU Computing or MPI Computing) we recommend:

  • The latest Intel Xeon processors in a dual socket configuration (currently the Intel Xeon-Scalable Processors, also known as "Skylake").
  • The fastest RAM memory modules (DDR4, RDIMM). The memory modules need to be arranged in multiples of six (6 modules, 12 modules, etc.) per processor socket for the Xeon Scalable Processor platform. Please note that the maximum memory bandwidth depends on the number of RAM modules as well as the type of the modules. A high memory bandwidth is essential to obtain the best possible performance for many of the CST solvers. Please ask your hardware vendor to provide you with a configuration which achieves the best possible memory bandwidth.
  • For a multiprocessor system we recommend at least 32-64 GB RAM per CPU socket depending on the complexity of your application.
  • 100% OpenGL compatible graphics card. For the best performance of the 3D modeling and post processing interface we recommend a fast 3D graphics card. The NVIDIA Quadro graphics card series is well tested with CST STUDIO SUITE and, thus, we recommend using a card of this series which is dedicated to CAD/CAE applications.

The usage of special acceleration features (GPU Computing/MPI Computing) offered by CST Studio Suite® introduces additional requirements the hardware should meet. The Supported GPU Hardware Document lists the GPU cards supported for GPU Computing and also contains information about the requirements the host system needs to fulfill.

If you’re planning a larger hardware investment in high-end HPC hardware like a cluster system or a multi-socket server, i.e., a system with more than two CPU sockets, we strongly recommend that you contact us directly so that we can help you during the configuration process. Additionally, we offer benchmarking services in collaboration with the hardware test centers of the vendor of your choice for such high-end systems, to ensure that CST STUDIO SUITE runs fine in the desired hardware and software environment and delivers the performance that you expect.

Our hardware experts are available to review your desired hardware configuration and provide you with feedback and suggestions to improve the configuration.

CST Studio Suite is available for both Windows and Linux operating system families. To see which operating systems are supported by current and upcoming versions of CST Studio Suite, please see this document.

NOTE: CST assumes no liability for any problems caused by this hardware recommendation.
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