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Cloud computing

Dedicated HPC hardware is a major investment for any user. For smaller companies and research groups, it often does not make sense to buy a cluster and pay for its upkeep when very large simulation projects only come along occasionally.

For users who need access to high-performance computing resources on a moderate budget, cloud computing is the way forward. Rather than using an on-site system, the simulation model is uploaded via a secure channel to a HPC cluster maintained by a cloud computing provider, and the simulation is carried out in the cloud.

Special licenses are available from CST for cloud computing, with durations ranging from one week upwards, and cloud computing providers offer a flexible selection of acceleration options depending on the problem.

Since CST STUDIO SUITE® is already installed and configured on the cluster, the user can get started with HPC quickly. CST STUDIO SUITE can be run in a virtual session, so that the interface and the 3D graphical results are available just as they would be if they were running on the user’s workstation, and encryption means that sensitive data remains secure.

Cloud computing combines the benefits of multiple HPC techniques, including MPI and GPU computing, and brings these technologies within the reach of users who don’t have access to a dedicated cluster.

Further technical information about the system can be found on the Nimbix Website.
For information specific to the CST application please contact the technical support team of CST of America (iSIMULIA.CST.US.Support@3ds.com).


Further technical information about the system can be found on the Rescale Website.
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UberCloud helps CAE engineers run CST Studio Suite on powerful cloud hardware. Speed up your analysis with parallel computing, parametric sweeps and more, on high-performance CPUs and GPUs. Coming soon.

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